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Concerned about its social responsibilities towards its employees, its shareholders, its customers and its partners and in order to support government measures, while addressing the obligations of a listed company, the Claranova group has put in place strong protective measures concerning COVID-19.

In this context, I would like to assure you that all of our teams are mobilized to secure the continuity of our missions at your service. We are implementing everything we can to ensure that you do not have to suffer the difficulties that today impact certain economic activities. Because our sector is digital, we benefit from a privileged situation.

But far more than these economic aspects and in a spirit of global solidarity, your health remains our priority. Take care of yourself and your families. The Claranova family is more than ever united and supportive in this exceptional situation.

Pierre Cesarini

262 M€




16 M€



multiplied by 4

+62 %


Growth over the

last financial year

+30 %


Average growth

over 4 years

Last releases

Strong growth in SodaPDF software sales (+50%) during lockdown
Strong growth sustained over the first 9 months of activity
Successful launch of the latest version of inPixio


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30 Sep 2020
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4 Nov 2020
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1 Dec 2020
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Avanquest is a major Internet and software publishing player.
Its ambition is to become the leader in four high potential markets:

  • IT security
  • FinTech
  • PDF
  • Photos

Avanquest has proprietary brands in each of these sectors and develops subscription-based products (SaaS solutions) combining innovation and ease of use.


PlanetArt has revolutionized the photo printing market with its FreePrints mobile app offering, the simplest and most affordable photo printing solution.
Following the global success of its first app, the FreePrints family has expanded with:

  • FreePrints Photobooks
  • FreePrints Photo Tiles
  • FreePrints Cards

With the acquisition of Personal Creations®, the segment has now opened up to the personalized gifts market.


myDevices simplifies the management of connected devices (IoT) for professionals.
On a single app platform, myDevices offers its customers an infinite range of IoT solutions to optimize their asset management, irrespective of :

  • the type of connected device or network
  • the business sector
  • the application field :

cold chain management, alert management, space utilization, customer satisfaction monitoring, waste management, etc.