Key figures

409 M

Annual turnover

17,4 M


+56 %

Growth over the last year

+46 %

3-year average growth

2020 Exercice

Encouraged by the results obtained in 2019, Claranova is aiming for 2023 revenue of €700 million and operational profitability in excess of 10%. This ambition is driven by the Group's demonstrated ability to continuously generate strong and profitable growth while maintaining a sound financial structure, a lever for the Group's future growth.

  • Revenue (in € millions)
graphique Chiffre d'affaires Claranova

With fiscal year 2019 revenue of €262.3 million, Claranova reports another year of strong growth, increasing by over €100 million (+62%, including 33% organic growth (2)). Over the past four fiscal years, the Group has reported average annual growth in excess of 30%

  • EBITDA (3) (in € millions)
graphique ROC Claranova

The Group’s strong growth was accompanied by a marked improvement in the operating profile of its activities. In 2019, Group EBITDA (2) increased fourfold to €16.0 million, representing an operating margin rate of 6.1% (compared to 2.4% last year).

  • Cash flow from operating activities (in € millions)
graphique CAF

The Group generated positive cash flow from operating activities of nearly €15 million in2019, reflecting the strengthened operating profile of its activities. The improvement inGroup cash flow from operating activities represents 16% additional revenue realized in the period (+€100 million)

  • Net debt (in € millions)
Graphique endettement net de Claranova

The Group's financial position is healthy and solid. At the end of fiscal year 2019, Group net debt stands at-€23.5 million, comprising available cash of over €75 million and debt of €52million.

SFAF Full-year results
2019 - 2020

(1) Year ended June 30, 2019.

(2) Organic growth is equal to the increase in revenue at constant consolidation scope and exchange rates.

(3) EBITDA: earnings before the deduction of interest, taxes and duties, depreciation (but after provisions related to inventories and trade receivables), amortization and share-based payments, including related social security expenses