Detailed membership conditions

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Through its Shareholders’ Club, Claranova wishes to forge lasting ties with all its shareholders. Shareholders are given the opportunity to receive all the Group’s communications, to meet with management at special events and also to benefit from offers specifically reserved for members.

1. Purpose of the conditions and definitions

1.1. These detailed conditions define the terms under which Claranova offers information and facilitation services to members of the Shareholders’ Club to discover or better understand Claranova and its activities, and the opportunity to participate in events reserved for them.
1.2. Being a member of the Shareholders' Club does not give access to privileged information that may influence the share price.
1.3. All communications from the Shareholders' Club are in French

2. Membership conditions

2.1. All Claranova shareholders that are natural persons may join the Shareholders’ Club, provided they hold at least 100 registered or bearer shares in their name.
2.2. Minors under 18 years of age who meet the above membership terms may join the Shareholders’ Club subject to the written authorization of their father, mother or guardian.
2.3. For shares held in undivided ownership, joint owners that are natural persons can, in their name, join the Shareholders’ Club if the funds held by them represent at least 100 Claranova shares.
2.4. Joint accounts meeting the membership conditions confer entitlement to a single membership in the name of “Mr or Mrs”.
2.5. Where shares are held in bare ownership, only bare owners that are natural persons holding at least 100 Claranova shares may join the Shareholders’ Club (beneficial owners are expressly excluded).

3. Formalities, date of effect and membership period

3.1. To become a member of the Shareholders’ Club, a shareholder must complete and return the Shareholders’ Club membership form. The membership form may be obtained from the Shareholders’ Club by telephone or on the website. The shareholder must attach to the membership form documentary proof of possession of Claranova shares drawn up in the name(s) of the holder(s) and dated in the past three months. This proof is not required for shareholders holding their shares in pure registered form. Claranova reserves the right to verify the declaration on honor by the shareholder that he/she holds Claranova shares and records the application. Shareholders wishing to join the Shareholders’ Club expressly accept Claranova’s right to verify such declarations.
3.2. Membership of the Shareholders’ Club is free and valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of registration, renewable by tacit renewal.
3.3. Claranova reserves the right to terminate membership of the Shareholders’ Club in the event of a false or incorrect declaration regarding the holding of Claranova shares, or if the member ceases to meet the conditions specified in Article 2 of these conditions. In any event, the fraudulent or unlawful use of membership of the Shareholders’ Club may result in permanent exclusion from the Shareholders’ Club without notice

4. Claranova Club preferential conditions

4.1. Members of the Shareholders’ Club enjoy specific Claranova benefits, excluding transport, proposed and defined in the written materials of the Claranova Shareholders’ Club.
4.2. The benefits available through the Shareholders’ Club are reserved for shareholders who are members of the Shareholders’ Club and their spouse.
4.3. Where a member is a minor, the preferential access conditions shall be extended to his/her father, mother or guardian (up to two persons).

5. Services proposed

5.1. Shareholders' Club members are informed of the preferential conditions of proposed services in information materials specific to the Shareholders' Club. The receipt of such information and event materials implies unqualified acceptance of these conditions.
5.2. Shareholders’ Club members accept that, through membership, their image and that of their family be shown in Claranova group information materials. Such images will mainly be conveyed in group photographs taken at Shareholders’ Club meetings or events.
5.3. If the Shareholders’ Club proposes competitions in its information materials, specific rules will be established prior to the launch of the competition and may be obtained from the Shareholders’ Club.

6. Amendments

6.1. Claranova reserves the right to amend without notice these terms and conditions and/or the eligibility conditions and/or the features of the Shareholders’ Club, including the different types and levels of services and benefits reserved for members of the Shareholders’ Club.
6.2. Claranova also reserves the right to terminate the activities of the Shareholders' Club, without compensation of any kind, for any reason whatsoever and at any time.
6.3. In all events, members will be informed as soon as possible through the written materials of the Shareholders' Club.

7. CNIL Information

Information collected on the members of the Shareholders’ Club is protected by Law no. 2004-801 of August 6, 2004 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, amending Law no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 on IT, files and civil liberties. This information may give rise to the exercise of the right to access and rectify data held by the Shareholders’ Club by written letter to the Group's headquarters: Claranova, Club des Actionnaires de Claranova, Immeuble Vision-Défense, 89-91 Boulevard national, 92257 La Garenne-Colombes CEDEX. This data is for use by Claranova, its subsidiaries and its co-contractors.

8. How to contact the Shareholders' Club

The Shareholders’ Club can be contacted by e-mail at or by letter to the following address: Le Club des actionnaires Claranova, Aelium, 10, rue de la Bourse, 75002 Paris FRANCE.


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