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PlanetArt strengthens its offerings

Acquisition of the patented Stuffies® line of children’s plush products


Stuffies PlanetArt Claranova


Created by Marketing Architects®, Stuffies are unique stuffed animals with seven patented top-secret pockets in which children can hide special keepsakes, books, toys and treasures. They are not simply stuffed animals but also the perfect friend to bring along to sleepovers, as Stuffies can be used as a pillow or an overnight bag.


PlanetArt’s popular Personal Creations and gifts.com websites have been personalizing and selling Stuffies since the products’ inception. By completing this acquisition, PlanetArt was however interested not only in Stuffies’ intellectual property…


This acquisition formalizes plans to expand its successful line of children’s gifts, explained Eric Vratimos, PlanetArt’s Chief Operating Officer. Among our most highly rated products, Stuffies will serve as the basis for an important new foray into this exciting space.


PlanetArt views children’s toys and gifts as a strategic product category and an important growth driver for its gifting properties. Stuffies’ patent portfolio in this way gives the company an important advantage in this rapidly growing $32.6bn industry1.



PlanetArt bolsters its mobile card businesses by acquiring patented handwriting technology


PlanetArt acquired the patented handwriting technology known as Handwriting.io from Mailing Services of Pittsburgh (MSP). Included in the acquisition are hundreds of glyph libraries and a technology toolkit that literally creates authentic handwritten messages out of any text.


Very different from so-called handwriting fonts that are generally not perceived as real handwritten messages by recipients, the technology stack PlanetArt acquired today employs a sophisticated set of rules that chooses variants of each letter depending upon that letter’s position in a word. For example, how a handwritten e links to an f might look very different from how it links to an a, and this notion results in very different letterforms. The variance in letters, above all, is what sets real handwriting apart from font designers’ failed attempts to replicate the authenticity of a handwritten note.


This Handwriting.io technology has been awarded multiple patents, or has patents pending, in the United States, Canada and Europe which under the terms of the acquisition will be owned exclusively by PlanetArt.


MSP’s handwriting technology will bring a new level of innovation to our card apps and other properties, said Roger Bloxberg, PlanetArt’s Chief Executive Officer. A user of Ink Cards (in the US) and FreePrints Cards (in the UK) will be able to select from a wide variety of handwriting styles, as well as a color, and their entire message will be produced and printed inside their card as a real handwritten message.


In the age of digital messaging, the handwritten note has become increasingly rare but a treasured gem to its recipients. The addition of Handwriting.io and literally hundreds of handwriting libraries to the PlanetArt platform makes it possible to send messages offering a genuine personal touch with both cards and envelopes printed from FreePrints’ mobile apps.


We are pleased to have closed this acquisition. Handwriting.io’s patented technology coupled with the sophistication of PlanetArt’s broader technology platform and marketing capabilities will create a powerhouse in personalized messaging that simply cannot be matched commented Executive Vice President of MSP.



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