Appointment of Mr. Chahram Becharat to the Board of Directors

27 Apr 2021

Claranova announces Mr. Chahram Becharat’s appointment to the Board of Directors of Claranova. This appointment will further contribute to the transformation initiated at the start of the year by Claranova to strengthen its governance and teams to accelerate its change in size.


A graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique in Paris and with an MBA from the Harvard Graduate School of Business, Mr. Becharat began his career as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley based in London. He subsequently joined Bernard Arnault’s team where he oversaw investments of more than €5 billion in technology, luxury and retail sector that notably led to the creation of LVMH’s selective distribution branch which includes Duty Free Shoppers, Le Bon Marché and Sephora. Mr. Becharat is also recognized as an Internet and e-commerce pioneer in Europe, founding and investing beginning in late 1990s in more than 10 unicorns including Betfair (Flutter), Submarino (B2W Digital), Acticall (Sitel) and Webhelp. The companies in which Mr. Becharat has been active or has invested today are valued at tens of billions of dollars. He is currently the CEO of Craft AI, a company specialized in Explainable AI as-a-service and a developer of tools to operationalize AI and deliver self-learning services.


This appointment follows Ms. Caroline Bouraine le Bigot’s resignation for personal reasons as a member of the Group’s Board on which she has served since April 2016. The Chairman-CEO thanked her for her contribution and engagement both personally and also in the name of the Board.


This appointment will be submitted to the shareholders’ approval at the next General Meeting at the same time as the appointment of Ms. Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro, co-opted as a member of the Board of Directors in March.


Chahram Becharat stated, I am delighted to join Claranova’s Board of Directors. The progress achieved by the Group in just five years and its potential for the future attest to Claranova’s unique place in the French technology sector. I am convinced that Claranova has realized only a fraction of its promise. I am for that reason inpatient to contribute, in particular through my experience, to the realization of its full potential.


Pierre Cesarini, CEO of Claranova Group commented: Mr. Chahram Becharat’s presence on the Board as an independent director will be a major asset for Claranova. The quality of his entrepreneurial experience and investment know-how will strengthen the Group’s governance in the areas of acquisitions, financing and business development in international markets as Claranova increases in size.