Avanquest Software, Chorion and France Televisions Distribution sign publishing partnership to bring Noddy to mobile As

24 Nov 2011

As part of this partnership, Avanquest to develop and publish the best-selling preschool video game Noddy on iPhone, iPad, and for Android Smartphones and tablets

Paris, November 24, 2011 – Avanquest Software, developer and publisher of personal and professional software; Chorion, owners of the Noddy brand franchise; and France Televisions Distribution, a subsidiary of the France Televisions Group, have announced the signing of a partnership agreement to develop the Noddy application on mobile platforms including iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android SmartPhones and Tablets.

The Number One license on video games market for pre-school in France, will be developed by Avanquest Software with the participation of France Televisions.

“We had the opportunity to work on the Nintendo versions of the Noddy games, which were major commercial successes, both in France and in the United Kingdom,” according to Manuel Coelho, Director of Edutainment Software and Games for Avanquest Software. “At Avanquest we have a great deal of experience in developing strong brands, and after successes like Noddy in Toyland, T’choupi, Berlitz and Côté Maison with France Televisions Distribution, we are pleased to be able to create new adventures for the favourite hero of very young children, for the first time on mobile platforms!”

“Avanquest Software is a world-recognised publisher specialising in edutainment software and mobile applications. We are delighted to be able to work together on a new edition of Noddy in media that are becoming essential for games and e-learning,” commented Yann Chapellon, President & CEO of France Televisions Distribution. “The development of products derived from the brands run by France Televisions Distribution in to mobile apps is a natural extension for the programmes distributed by our channels and which are big hits with television viewers.”

“We are looking forward to providing a new interactive experience to our young audience in a very dynamic market. Avanquest has expertise and a proven track record in developing edutainment software and mobile apps, and France Television through their broadcast and online activities have a substantial platform to reach Noddy’s audience. By uniting these two key partners Chorion is confident of a continued success for Noddy as he makes his first step into the world of mobile apps,” commented Lisa Macdonald, VP Agent Territories, EMEA at Chorion.

Created in 1949 by Enid Blyton, Noddy is an endearing character who touches every generation. When he reached France in 1963, he became one of the recurring heroes of the Bibliothèque Rose. Noddy’s adventures have been adapted repeatedly for the small screen, and at present the 3D Zouzous animation series broadcast on the Fifth channel of France Televisions is a huge success with the little ones. The Noddy mobile application will enrich the opus, making Noddy’s adventures even more interactive.

Noddy is an essential character known to 98% 1 of French people surveyed. His adventures have been translated into more than 30 languages, and more than 200 million copies have been sold, including 920,000 books and 390,000 DVD ’s 2 last year in France.

The Noddy mobile platform applications are available in five languages – English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese – on Apple and Android AppStores, and will accompany the launch of a completely new edition of the Noddy game on Nintendo DS.
1 Source: study carried out in 2010 by Chorion by 331 mothers with 2 to 5 year old children living in France
2 Source GFK 2010

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For Avanquest Software: Nicolas Swiatek +33 1 56 76 58 36 nswiatek@avanquest.com
For France Télévisions: Hélène Marteau +33 1 56 22 81 60 helene.marteau@francetv.fr

About France Televisions Distribution

Generating success, France Télévisions Distribution works with producers and licensors to maximise the revenue of their programmes across all media platforms, including digital. France Télévisions Distribution proposes a global strategy which covers licensing, video and video on demand, the publication of magazines and books, games and music, and the creation of events as well as the distribution and co-production of audiovisual programmes worldwide. France Télévisions Distribution: rights distributor, brand manager.

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Avanquest Software (EPA: AVQ), is a world leader in developing and publishing software applications on all platforms whether it is a PC, a Tablet, a Smartphone, a TV or a Social Network. The passion that drives our teams, the high technological added value of the software and the solid presence of the Group in North America, Europe, and Asia make Avanquest Software one of the top 10 consumer software publishers in the world. Since it was established in 1984, the company has put innovation at the core of its business and invested heavily every year in research and development, supporting its teams of engineers scattered throughout France, the United States, and China, working every day to create the best software today and tomorrow. Avanquest Software has been listed on Euronext since 1996. For any additional information, please visit http://about.avanquest.com or http://group.avanquest.com.

About Noddy

For 62 years, Noddy has delivered enchanting entertainment to the delight of young children around the world. Enid Blyton’s most popular creation first appeared in 1949 in the classic book Noddy Goes to Toyland. Since then, the iconic character has appeared in countless adaptations for the screen and stage, met the Queen of England, sold more than 250 million books, and touched the lives of millions upon millions of preschoolers all over the world.

About Chorion
Chorion is a leading provider of quality family entertainment for the global marketplace. Chorion brings a combination of brand management savvy and creative vision to the development of literary copyrights across all media. Chorion’s portfolio includes classic children’s brands such as Mr. Men and Little Miss, Noddy, and OLIVIA, as well as art and lifestyle brands.