Avanquest Software Launches Comprehensive Cloud-based Smartphone and Tablet Security Solutions

19 Sep 2011

New Solution Suites Deliver Theft and Data Loss Protection Together with State-of-the-Art Data Migration and Child Location Features

Paris, September 19, 2011 – Avanquest Software (EPA: AVQ), a leading developer of consumer and OEM software for mobile devices, today introduced comprehensive cloud-based soft-ware suites for Smartphones and tablets.

Compatible with most makes and models, Avanquest’s Smart-phone Services Suite and Tablet Services Suite are designed for service providers, device manufacturers, phone retailers, insurance program providers, and others who want to offer their cus-tomers comprehensive protection for their mobile devices and personal data.

The Smartphone Services Suite and the Tablet Services Suite can be branded or co-branded by the reseller or partner, and the language and feature set can be changed. In addition, partners can create tiered offerings by combining different elements of the Suites into bundles.

The Suites support more than 2,800 mobile devices, including those running iPhone, Android, Blackberry, J2ME, Symbian, and Windows phone operating systems. Avanquest has created a consumer-branded demo site, MyMobile Companion.

At launch, the Suites include:
Mobile Backup and Protection – Secure cloud-based backup of mobile content, including contacts, text messages, documents, and other files, such as music, photos, and videos. Protects against viruses being transferred to or run on the device, and prevents the manipulation or destruction of the user’s data.

Mobile Transfer – Easily transfer all personal content from an old phone to new phone even across platforms or from a non-Smartphone to one of the latest devices such as an iPhone or Android device.

Mobile Device Locator and Lockout – Geo-locate a lost or stolen device. If the device is misplaced, it can be made to ring even if the ringer is turned off.

If the device has been stolen or is at risk, the device can be locked and personal content wiped clean. In the case of GSM devices, changing the SIM card will not defeat the protection because any SIM card changes are detected automatically. The Mobile Lockout client cannot be removed without the owner’s permission.

Child Safety – The child’s location can be displayed on a map by using the phone’s geo-location feature. Text and e-mail messages can be generated automatically when the child arrives at a specific location, or if he or she travels outside of a specified area.

Call and text message logs can be examined to determine activities, such as whether or not the child has been talking with an un-known person. Logs can be examined to see the URLs that have been accessed, and internet access can be blocked. Parents can specify the sites their child is allowed to access.

APIs are available to simplify account provisioning, management, and billing. Alternatively, Avanquest can provide the billing as a service.

Future releases will address security against virus and malware attacks, safeguards against distracted driving and further enhance the child safety provision with geo-fencing, call blocking and real time parental controls.

As a partner of Sony Ericsson, Asus, BMW, Darty, Philips, PCD, Netgear and Earthlink, Avanquest Software has established itself as a leader in software for mobility, with more than 250 million licenses of its Mobile PhoneTools suite sold worldwide.

The new Services Suites draw on Avanquest’s nearly three dec-ades of software development experience to offer the answers to protecting the loss and inappropriate use of personal content on mobile devices, while also providing powerful parental controls for families whose children have mobile phones.

Avanquest will demo the new Services Suites in Meeting Room 724 at CTIA Enterprise & Applications at the San Diego Convention Center, October 11-13.

“Avanquest’s Smartphone Services Suite and Tablet Suite are the answer for carriers, ISPs, device makers, insurance providers, retailers and others seeking a cloud-based security solution for their customers that offers maximum flexibility and versatility together with state-of-the art functionality,” said David Wright, President, Avanquest Software OEM division.

“There are millions of phones lost every year, and these Suites ensure that anyone who loses their phone has the peace of mind that they aren’t also losing their data and that no one else can access it.”

About Avanquest Software
Avanquest Software (ISIN FR0004026714) is a world leader in developing innovative, high-quality software that creates added value for customers’ products and services. Offering a large range of feature-rich and customized solutions, Avanquest’s Mobile Technologies division enables operators to generate more revenues from their networks and brings added value to connected and mobile devices, such as laptops, Smartphone, tablets and connected TVs. Avanquest Software has been listed on Euronext since 1996. For any additional information, visit https://www.avanquest.com