Micro Application, Avanquest Software Group, at IDEF 2013 to introduce its new end-of-year products

19 Jun 2013

The Avanquest Software Group, through its flagship brand Micro Application, will be participating at the 2013 IDEF, being held June 25-27 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.

The IDEF is the leading European Trade event for the video-games and interactive entertainment market, bringing together all the publishers, console manufacturers, accessory producers and major distributors. For publishers, this is a major opportunity to unveil their end-of-year product lineup. 

For the video games segment, this period will feature releases on Nintendo DS and 3DS:

–          The official game, Doodle Jump, already a bestselling mobile application for smartphone and tablet.

–          The Snow Queen, the game inspired by the Disney Christmas 2013 event

New protection accessories for Smartphones and tablets will also be featured, just as they are becoming an essential growth driver. Special sneak previews will features the new Wise-Pet, adapted for 7-inch tablets, which turns your mobile devices into security blankets for your children!

According to Renaud Chevallier, the Group’s Managing Director for distribution in France: With 15% of French gamers playing on tablets and 42% on mobile phones,* mobility accessories are becoming an inseparable part of video games.