myDevices partners to ensure the air quality of Madrid schools and universities

15 Dec 2020

myDevices, Claranova group’s Internet of Things (IoT) division, partners with Redexia (the Spanish network and IoT installations operator) and Nexelec (the French air quality analysis specialist) to deploy an IoT solution for analyzing the indoor air quality of Madrid schools and universities in order to ensure their compliance with European regulations.


This solution, developed in partnership with Nexelec, measures the indoor concentration of CO2, temperature and the humidity rate in real time. If a safety threshold is reached, the myDevices IoT platform automatically sends users an alert to their mobile phones so that corrective measures can be taken. And because classroom air quality is displayed in real time through light indicators integrated in Nexelec’s CO2 sensor, its occupants can open the windows or ventilate their workspace when necessary. Redexia is the local partner selected to equip classrooms with the LoRaWAN® network to guarantee that the system functions properly.


This practical application illustrates the unique qualities of the myDevices software solution:


  • Easy implementation through its unique Plug and Play technology capable of setting up a network of sensors and gateways in just a few minutes by means of a simple scannable QR code;
  • A turnkey solution combining connectivity, sensors and the fully digital application management solution;
  • Efficiency and reliability, providing real-time information with email and SMS notifications based on a solution with no need for regular servicing and with 10 years of autonomy;
  • Security and scalability, native interoperability with other IoT sensors and networks, offering with the same level of security, solutions for multiple applications: energy efficiency management, people counting, monitoring cleaning and disinfection procedures by replacing paper records, etc.;
  • A tried and tested solution, deployed across thousands of sites worldwide in hotels, hospitals, food service providers, university campuses, commercial buildings, industrial and mining sites, etc.


Pierre Cesarini, CEO of Claranova group:

We are proud of this partnership between Nexelec, Redexia and Claranova designed to improve the day-to-day conditions of students in Madrid. Through the simple and innovative IoT solutions of our myDevices platform, we are contributing each day to ensuring safer environments for work and study. IoT is destined to become one of the major tools of tomorrow for making our environments safer.


Franck Greard, Nexelec CEO:

We spend nearly 80% of our time indoors. By selecting our solution, Madrid has adopted a proactive approach for improving indoor air quality and risk prevention for its schools. The detailed analysis of data made possible by the continuous measurement of our sensors will contribute to the city of Madrid’s long-term approach for protecting the health of its children and students.


Alex Bryszkowski, CEO, Redexia:

This partnership with Claranova and Nexelec bolsters Redexia’s position as the leading provider of LoRaWAN® IoT solutions in Spain based on a turnkey service combining a network, an app and sensor. This solution will help Spanish schools and universities provide safer areas, particularly during this pandemic where air quality plays a decisive role in combating the circulation of the Covid-19 virus.