2 Oct 2013 Read more
Ariane Gorin to join the Board of Directors of Avanquest
30 Sep 2013 Read more
Junior Academy, a new edutainment app from Softcity (Avanquest Group)
30 Jul 2013 Read more
Annual Sales in 2012-2013: 100.3 million euros
15 Jul 2013 Read more
les avantages de l’impression en ligne
26 Jun 2013 Read more
Avanquest Software’s line of photo-related products is expanding, thanks to its initial successes.
19 Jun 2013 Read more
Micro Application, Avanquest Software Group, at IDEF 2013 to introduce its new end-of-year products
14 May 2013 Read more
Pierre Cesarini joins Avanquest Software as CEO
28 Mar 2013 Read more
Avanquest Software is posting a positive operating income of €0.7M for the 1st half of 2012-2013
20 Feb 2013 Read more
Avanquest’s Softcity announces the launch of an Australian version of its main website www.avanquest.com
15 Feb 2013 Read more
First half of 2012-2013 turnover Organic growth of online activities up to 17 %: more than 45 % of all sales are now online