Successful launch of the latest version of inPixio

29 Apr 2020

Substantial growth in subscription-based sales and orders, very high demand in the first month of lockdown (+ 68%)


Launched on March 25, inPixio Studio Photo 10 confirms the evolution towards its subscription-based business model for its software offering. The completely redesigned inPixio 10 offers easier access to advanced functionalities, making unique photo retouching and editing capabilities available to a wider audience.

A commercial success accelerating Claranova’s transition to a software publishing model with significant repeat revenue:

  • 90,000 active subscribers
  • 90% of sales currently subscription-based
  • USD 800,000 in revenue since the launch of inPixio Photo Studio 10 on March 25, 2020
  • + 68% revenue growth in the first month of lockdown from March 23 to April 21 (compared to the same period of FY 19)

Claranova confirms its commitment to build a recurring and foreseeable business with a margin that should automatically improve in the long term. The Group has achieved record sales and customer retention, with a subscription renewal rate of over 50%.

A unique positioning to serve a major expanding market:

With its inPixio offer delivering advanced functionalities at an affordable price, Claranova is implementing the same successful strategy adopted by FreePrints in the photo printing market. By combining low prices, advanced functionalities and ease of use for a wide target customer base, the Group continues to strengthen its B2C positioning.


inPixio Photo studio 10


inPixio Photo Studio 10 is a consumer software, offering simple access to photo retouching and editing capabilities previously only possible with costly and complex professional solutions.

With the standard version at only €49.99 (€79.99 for the pro version), inPixio 10 offers three extremely powerful features:

  • Erase unwanted parts of a photo and duplicate others.
  • Cut out, delete and modify backgrounds
  • Fine-tune the changes to your photos, including the correction of perspectives, inclusion of metadata, application of filters, etc.

Watch this two-minute video on all the new features available from inPixio Studio Photo 10: Youtube

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