Photo de Pierre Cesarini, PDG du groupe Claranova

Chairman's Message

Pierre Cesarini

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Group Chief Executive Officer

This new year of profitable growth, achieved during unprecedented conditions, confirms Claranova’s ability to adapt, develop and be resilient. With our mobile, software and IoT solutions all progressing during the year, annual revenue grew 56%, exceeding the €400 million milestone, while EBITDA reached €17 million.

While continuing to build our future by investing heavily in marketing and R&D and completing a strategic acquisition with Personal Creations®, we successfully maintained our profitability. This good performance demonstrates the resilience of our business model, the solidity of our Group and its capacity to grow and consolidate its profitability in a complex environment.


This pandemic has turned our economy upside down and accelerated the digital transformation of the way we live, work and consume. In this unprecedented environment, our market positioning in the digital universe represents a force that will continue to drive our Group’s development. Claranova is more than ever ideally positioned to meet the challenges of these technological and sociological transformations. In this world of perpetual change, marked by the rapid development of new technologies, our creativity, disruptive strategic vision and skills in execution are a source of competitive differentiation.


This has allowed us to become the world leader in mobile printing in just a few years. The acquisition of Personal Creations, and more recently CafePress, have strengthened PlanetArt’s market positioning in personalized e-commerce. In a world of standardized objects, our goal is to offer to our millions of customers the ability to personalize and make each object unique.


Our proprietary software business has completed its transition to the SaaS model and we are continuing to invest and develop in three key sectors, safety, PDF and photo.


Within the emerging IoT market, Claranova is ideally positioned through its myDevices platform to seize major development opportunities. While the pandemic has slowed roll-out in certain sectors (particularly hospitality and catering), the division nonetheless reported a strong surge in commercial activity with close to 500 customers and 5,000 sites equipped.


Our ability to address evolving consumer expectations, our innovative products, the quality of the user experience we offer our customers and the talent and commitment of our teams give us a competitive edge that will make the difference for building the future. For fiscal year 2022-2023 we accordingly maintain our target for €700 million in annual revenue and an EBITDA margin of 10%.

Pierre Cesarini