Our CSR approach

Non-Financial Performance Statement

Strong growth and high societal expectations

Claranova’s corporate social responsibility is rooted in a culture of sustained and strong business growth. Despite the impact of an unprecedented health and economic crisis, Claranova reported annual growth of 21% at constant exchange rates to €472 million (14% like-for-like) with a nearly twofold increase in operating profit. This excellent performance would not have been possible without the commitment and talent of Claranova’s teams fully mobilized since spring 2020 by maintaining their high level of productivity when largely working from home. The Group is thus continuing to expand rapidly, integrating new employees and new businesses.

The resilience of photo printing activities and online software sales during the health crisis confirmed the strength of the Group’s business model: Claranova’s products satisfy a well-established societal need.

This responsibility increases as the Group continues to grow and in line with stakeholder expectations. In this way, Claranova accompanies its growth with the development of a Group CSR approach.

Towards a Group CSR approach

Claranova is implementing a CSR approach designed to drive growth and profitability shared with stakeholders. Over the past two years, Claranova has been applying its CSR approach at the Group level by:

  • analyzing its CSR risks (see Paragraph 1.2 of the NFPS*);
  • developing new CSR key performance indicators;
  • creating CSR guidelines and a reporting tool;
  • creating and mobilizing a network of CSR officers.

Claranova is also continuing to raise awareness of CSR issues among the Group’s stakeholders.

Claranova’s CSR approach is supported by the actions of its subsidiaries. The Group is committed to maintaining the culture of initiative and autonomy at its entities while respecting the regulations and cultures specific to each country.

FY 2020-2021 CSR priorities

Claranova’s first responsibility is to be a responsible employer. The talent and commitment of the teams are essential to Group growth. This employee focus is reflected notably by the importance placed by Claranova on work-life balance and respect for parenthood and gender equality (see Paragraph 2.1 of the NFPS).

In 2020-2021, this priority also led to measures designed to support remote working practices imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the subsequent return to the office once this became possible for those employees who so wished (see Paragraph 2.3 of of the NFPS). Claranova has in this way done its utmost to ensure that this return to the office participated in a process promoting both individual and collective well-being.

To protect its employees, in particular while remote working practices are in effect, Claranova adopted a Charter on the right to disconnect applicable in France.

Claranova has also continued to implement its program designed to combat corruption (see Paragraph 3.2 of of the NFPS). After completing its corruption and influence peddling risk map, the Group has begun to develop its Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and an internal whistleblowing system.

FY 2021-2022 goals

Claranova is focusing on facilitating the return to the office environment in a manner that both ensures the well-being of each individual employee and promotes their participation in a collective project.

The Group hopes that the Charter on the right to disconnect, adopted this year within the parent company, will contribute to the widespread adoption of these practices in other subsidiaries. Employees working full-time on a computer, mainly from home, are subject to a greater risk of never being off-line. Claranova’s goal is to raise their awareness about this issue by promoting good practices to ensure a proper work-life balance.

Finally, Claranova intends to produce a map of its environmental impacts with the purpose of developing a Group environmental policy, notably in terms of responsible sourcing, manufacturing and shipping.


* NFPS : Non-Financial Performance Statement