Our CSR approach

Non-Financial Performance Statement
2019 - 2020

Strong growth and high societal expectations

Claranova’s corporate social responsibility is rooted in a culture of sustained and strong business growth. Despite the impact of an unprecedented health and economic crisis, this momentum remained on track in fiscal year 2019-2020, with revenue growth of 56%, 20% of which organic.

This excellent performance would not have been possible without the commitment and talent of Claranova’s teams who were fully mobilized in the spring and summer of 2020 and maintained a high level of productivity when largely working from home. The Group is thus continuing to expand rapidly, integrating new employees and new businesses.

The resilience of photo printing activities and online software sales during the health crisis confirmed the strength of the Group’s business model: Claranova’s products satisfy a well-established societal need.

This responsibility increases as the Group continues to grow and in line with stakeholder expectations. In this way, Claranova accompanies its growth with the development of a Group CSR approach.

Towards a Group CSR approach

Claranova is implementing a CSR approach designed to drive growth and profitability shared with stakeholders. In 2019-2020, Claranova began consolidating its CSR approach at Group level. In particular, this year Claranova:

  • analyzed its CSR risks (see 1.2 in NFPS document*);
  • developed new CSR key performance indicators;
  • created CSR guidelines and a reporting tool;
  • created and mobilized a network of CSR officers.

Claranova also continued its discussions to develop Group-wide CSR policies, accompanied by ongoing efforts to raise awareness about CSR priorities at the Group level.


2019-2020 priority challenges

Claranova’s first responsibility is to be a responsible employer. The talent and commitment of the teams are essential to Group growth. This employee focus is reflected notably by the importance placed by Claranova on work-life balance and respect for parenthood and gender equality (see 2.1 in NFPS document*). In 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic (see 2.3 in NFPS document*), employee health protection measures are given special priority.

Claranova also continued to work on protecting personal data (see 3.1 in NFPS document*). In particular, the Group defined a roadmap, conducted audits and intrusion tests and continued to process inquiries about personal data processing within the regulatory time periods.

Finally, Claranova completed its risk map. The Group is now gradually implementing a program designed to combat corruption (see 3.2 in NFPS document*) and is adopting the other pillars of new French regulations in this area (the “Sapin II” law), namely by establishing an anti-corruption code of conduct and an internal whistleblowing system.

Outlook for 2020-2021

In 2020-2021, Claranova will consolidate its actions in three priority areas: being a responsible employer, protecting personal data and implementing an anti-corruption prevention system. In particular, the Group wishes to:

  • strengthen its employee training programs;
  • complete its network of Data Protection Coordinators (DPCs) responsible for rolling out its personal data protection approach across all subsidiaries;
  • distribute the anti-corruption code of conduct and launch the internal whistle-blowing system.


* NFPS : Non-Financial Performance Statement