Our expertise

4 fundamental areas of expertise

icone tech - Claranova

Technological expertise

  • In-depth understanding of all technology fields
  • Internet, Mobile, Internet of Things
  • 30 years of worldwide experience
Icone innovation - Claranova


Strategic vision

  • Demonstrated ability to define a strategic vision
  • Innovation in all technology fields 
  • With news products, new services, new technologies
Icone Business Model - Claranova


Innovative and flexible business models

  • Capacity to implement a wide range of models
  • From a new concept, find the "best" business model
  • That will be the most effective in sustainably creating value in the relevant field
Icone graphique - Claranova

Execution capacity

  • From an idea, capacity to create multi-100 size business
  • That combines fast growth, profitability and strong potential
  • A proven track record in three technology fields