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PlanetArt acquires CafePress from Shutterfly
Claranova tops €400 million in annual revenue and pursues its strong growth trajectory
Launch of a new mobile app dedicated to personalized gifts : FreePrints Gifts


30 Sep 2020
Publication 2019-2020 full-year results
4 Nov 2020
Publication 2020-2021 Q1 revenue
1 Dec 2020
General Shareholders’ Meeting


Claranova acquires CafePress

14th quarter of consecutive growth



PlanetArt has revolutionized the photo printing market with its FreePrints mobile app offering, the simplest and most affordable photo printing solution.
Following the global success of its first app, the FreePrints family has expanded with:

With the acquisition of Personal Creations and CaféPress, PlanetArt is now opening up to the personalized gifts market and has a powerful marketplace.


Avanquest is a major Internet and software publishing player.

Its ambition is to become the leader in three high potential markets:

Avanquest has proprietary brands in each of these sectors and develops subscription-based products (SaaS solutions) combining innovation and ease of use.


myDevices simplifies the management of connected devices (IoT) for professionals.
On a single app platform, myDevices offers its customers an infinite range of IoT solutions to optimize their asset management, irrespective of :

cold chain management, alert management, space utilization, customer satisfaction monitoring, waste management, etc.