Developing a Group CSR approach

Claranova’s CSR approach is designed to support growth and profitability that can be shared with stakeholders. Over the past two years, Claranova has ramped up its CRS approach by:

  • Implementing a CSR risk map
  • Developing new CSR key performance indicators
  • Creating CSR guidelines and a reporting tool
  • Creating and leveraging a network of CSR correspondents

Claranova is also continuing to promote the adoption of CSR priorities by its entire investment portfolio and the application of its CSR approach through the local actions of its subsidiaries. The Group is in this way committed to maintaining a culture of initiative and autonomy at its entities while respecting the regulations and cultures specific to each country.


Challenges and perspectives

As it gradually ramps up its CSR approach, Claranova has defined three priorities: 

  • The right to disconnect : to support the practice of remote working imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, and limit the increased risk to its employees of remaining permanently connected to the office, in coordination with its French employees, Claranova has produced a Charter on the right to disconnect. Claranova intends to extend this initiative to all of its other subsidiaries, in order to promote the widespread adoption of good remote working practices throughout the Group.

  • Anti-corruption measures: Claranova has continued to implement its program designed to combat corruption . After completing its corruption and influence peddling risk map, the Group has started to draft its Anti-Corruption Code of Conduct and an internal whistleblowing system.

  • Producing an environmental impact map: Claranova’s intends to produce a map of its environmental impacts in order to develop a Group environmental policy covering notably responsible sourcing, manufacturing and shipping to strengthen its CSR approach. 



Using the Claranova’s CSR approach as a vehicle for generating growth and profitability to be shared with all our stakeholders

Claranova CSR Committee

Strong growth and high societal expectations

The Group’s responsibilities as a corporate citizen broaden with its increase in scope and the growing expectations of its stakeholders: Claranova supports its growth by applying a structured approach to Group CSR based on the respect of three guiding principles: 

icone Being a responsible employer

The Group’s development is driven by the talent and commitment of our teams. Claranova’s culture as a responsible employer is reflected in the value placed on promoting a work-life balance and respect for parenthood and gender equality.

icone Making a positive difference

Claranova facilitates access to technologies by offering solutions that combine innovation and ease of use. The Group strives to have a positive impact on society through the quality of its solutions and the services it provides worldwide.

icone Managing the environmental impact

Claranova monitors the environmental impact of its activities on a daily basis. The Group encourages the development of solutions that optimize the use of resources and gives preference to partners committed to limiting the environmental impact of their services

Download the Non-financial statement (NFS)

Our FY 2022-2023 NFS provides a detailed overview of the Group’s CSR initiatives.

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