2 December 2021
General Meetings
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Report on Claranova’s Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of December 1, 2021

Very strong shareholder mobilization with a record participation rate of 38.58%

The Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting of Claranova’s shareholders was held, pursuant to the first notice, on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 at 3:00 pm, at the Capital 8 Conference Center, 32 Rue de Monceau, 75008 Paris, under the chairmanship of Mr. Pierre Cesarini, the company’s Chairman-CEO.

The number of shares held by the 1,243 shareholders who attended this Combined General Meeting was 17,471,637, representing a participation rate of 41.45% of the total voting rights.

All resolutions presented to this Combined General Meeting of the shareholders were adopted, with the exception of the 28th resolution (Authorization given to the Board of Directors to proceed with restricted stock awards granting existing shares and/or shares to be issued, entailing the waiver by shareholders of their preferential subscription right)

The 30th resolution (Delegation of authority to the Board of Directors to carry out a capital increase by issuing shares or securities giving access to the capital, reserved for participants in a company stock ownership plan, with cancellation of preferential subscription rights in favor of the latter) was also rejected, in line with the Board of Directors’ recommendation.

Among the resolutions adopted by the Ordinary General Meeting was the new composition of the Board of Directors with the ratification of the co-optations of Mrs. Christine Hedouis, Mrs. Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro and Mr. Chahram Becharat, as well as the appointment of Mr. Jean-Yves Quentel, the Group’s current Chief Financial Officer, as members of Claranova’s Board of Directors.

With a quorum of more than 38%, this Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meeting highlighted a record participation by the company’s shareholders. I would like to thank all our shareholders for their active participation and renewed confidence at this Annual General Meeting”, commented Pierre Cesarini, CEO of Claranova.

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