20 May 2020

Strong growth in SodaPDF software sales (+50%) during lockdown

A real alternative to Adobe, Claranova’s SodaPDF solution appeals to both the general public and professionals. Demand for the PDF tools and electronic signature productivity suite increased steadily throughout lockdown. In order to provide access to efficient work tools during these difficult times, Claranova enabled its users to benefit free of charge of the Premium version of the Soda PDF’s suite of high-performance work tools during lockdown.

A commercial success confirming Claranova’s accelerated shift towards a software publishing business model with high repeat revenue

  • 245,000 active subscribers for SodaPDF
  • 50% revenue growth during lockdown (03/23 to 05/13/2020) on last year
  • 82% of sales subscription-based
  • 51% subscription renewal rate (customers renewing their subscription the following year)
  • Revenue of US$3,500,000 since lockdown (03/23 to 05/13/2020)

With 82% of sales by subscription and a subscription renewal rate in excess of 50%, Claranova confirms its successful transition to a recurring and foreseeable business. This change in business model should automatically boost the margin in the long-term.

+50% de vente de Soda PDF pendant le confinement


SodaPDF, a comprehensive and accessible tool

SodaPDF is a consumer software, offering simple access to publishing, collaboration and document signature capabilities previously only possible using costly and complex professional solutions.

With the Home version at €48 (€84 for the Premium version) SodaPDF enables users to:

  • View, print and convert files in PDF format
  • Edit, annotate and collaborate, offering maximum productivity
  • Secure and sign documents or share them for signature

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