30 November 2023
Press release
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Strengthening of the governance of Claranova

A page has been turned in the pacification of the governance of Claranova, with a major reshuffling of the composition of its Board of directors, the appointment of a new Chairman, Vice-Chairman and representatives of the main shareholders.

Acknowledging the vote of the shareholders both on the dissociation of the CEO/Chairman roles and the vote of confidence, Pierre Cesarini steps down from the Board and remains CEO (Directeur Général) of Claranova. Xavier Rojo remains deputy CEO (Directeur Général Délégué) of Claranova.

The Board would like to thank Pierre Cesarini for his work and dedication to Claranova during his role as Chairman.

Francis Meston succeeds him as Chairman of the Board and Marc Goldberg, newly appointed as Board member, as Vice-Chairman. Michael Dadoun and Michele Anderson are also appointed, respectively, as member and independent member of the Board while Viviane Chaine-Ribeiro and Luisa Munaretto are also departing members. Roger Bloxberg’s mandate is being extended, as a vote of confidence reiterated to the management. Daniel Assouline, is appointed as Board Observer.

The Board will support the management of Claranova and its subsidiaries in growing the topline and profitability of the business lines while focusing on meeting the challenges.

This renewed governance marks a key milestone for peaceful relations among all shareholders and enables the Group to put aside past divergence.

Following the General Assembly and their first board meeting, Francis Meston declared, “I will put all my energy and experience into ensuring a collegial and cooperative governance. The Board reiterates its confidence in the management of the Claranova companies to further profitably grow their respective businesses, and we expect this new pool of talents to provide guidance and support to the group companies”.

Marc Goldberg stated, “Today marks an important milestone in the growth of the company. With the support of the new board I’m confident that we will be able to rebuild trust with our shareholders and focus all our energies on supporting the management team in continuing the remarkable operating growth trajectory of Claranova.

Daniel Assouline and Michael Dadoun stated, “We are happy with the outcome of the General Assembly today. We believe the shareholders were heard. The board is unquestionably more independent and representative today than it was yesterday, and we are looking forward to participating in resolving the issues that have mortgaged the value of the company in a productive and amicable way.”

The Company will further communicate to the market on any revision of its strategic plan in due time following the full appointment of its committees and beginning of working sessions.